Jodi Hersh

simplicity is essential

Say More by Saying Less

By Jodi Hersh | November 19, 2020

In one sentence, tell me, who are you? In one sentence, tell me, what do you do? In one sentence, tell me, why does it matter? Mandatory brevity makes you really have to think about your answer, doesn’t it?

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Content Creators Manifesto

The Content Creators Manifesto

By Jodi Hersh | October 31, 2020

Create. Be thankful. Be transparent. Be a star. Listen more. Be punctual. Be yourself. Be kind. Be helpful. Be loud. Be unique. Be crazy. Be spontaneous. Be bold. Be random. Live your dream. Be quiet. Always be teaching. Be generous. Publish. Have an opinion. Just show up. Build relationships. Be daring. Be authentic. Be strategic. Be a connector. Be consistent. Share your passion. Everything is content. Do what you love & do it often. Be a creator.

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Creativity Published

Creativity Published ~ No. 016

By Jodi Hersh | October 18, 2020

This time of year there seems to be a flurry of marketing emergencies.As a done-for-you service provider, I frequently encounter people with extreme urgency for their marketing projects.…

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