There Are No Emergencies in Marketing

Marketing emergency

This time of year there seems to be a flurry of marketing emergencies.

As a done-for-you service provider, I encounter people with extreme urgency for their marketing projects. This extreme urgency is because they are reacting to some problem or need that could have been prevented with proper planning and consistent execution. 

They may be looking for new brand messaging or visual design, revamped websites, marketing automation, content strategies, holiday promotions, and more. Awesome — I’d love nothing more than to help them with all of that. 

But, my friends, these things take time and require research, creative thinking, iteration, execution, and testing. 

There are no emergencies in marketing. There often is, however, a lack of planning, preparation, and perspective.

Seth Godin says, “Marketing is not an emergency. It’s a planned, thoughtful exercise that started a long time ago and doesn’t end until you’re done.”

Without a plan, you are essentially guessing at what content to create and how and where to promote it. Guessing leads to mistakes that cost you in the end — time, money, momentum, and motivation.  Worse, it could cost you customers and reputation.  Too much guesswork, flying by the seat of your pants, over and over may end up costing you more time and money than it would have to develop an effective strategic marketing plan in the first place. Developing and executing on that plan would be far less stressful too!

Most marketing fails as a result of failure to properly plan and execute consistently. There truly is no excuse — sure there is always a reason… but honestly… really?  There is no excuse for failing to plan, prepare, and execute. 

What are you going to do about it?

There are about two and a half months left in this crazy year. Have you started thinking and planning yet for 2021? 

The way I see it, we all have two choices about how we approach it. We can put it off, procrastinate and play it by ear… or we can decide right here and now that we are going to create a simple, effective, strategic content marketing plan and accomplish amazing things in 2021, 90 days at a time.

The Content Creators Planner is a 90-day planner that makes it simple to plan and write great content that converts. In just under two years and over 8,000 copies sold, we have heard time and again how much Content Creators LOVE our tool!  

We have also discovered that some people struggle, still, to get it done.

Well now is your chance to get some help from us!

Join us for our first live Content Marketing Accelerator, Dec. 11-12, 2020. 

Through 2 days of live workshops with us, you will create your 90 day plan:

Set goals
Map your strategy
Determine what content you will create
Calendar campaigns, promotions and tasks
Determine what KPIs to monitor and measure
Plus access to both Kim and Jodi as well as other participants
You’ll also receive a new Planner in the format of your choice.

We’re fired up to help you plan for success in 2021!
Will  you join us?


Is a “Smartist.” Celebrating 28 years as Orange Star Design, Inc. — the intersection of creativity, experience and technology.

She helps bring people’s visions to life with strategic branding, websites and marketing solutions. Jodi is also a fine artist and the founder of Live Love Dogs®.

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