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Detailed Blog Post Checklist [PRINTABLE]

Blog Post Checklist

A blog post checklist for optimizing your content. Just what you needed right? Another ‘to-do’ or checklist. Fortunately, this is short and once you get in the habit of these steps they become pretty automatic. These have been around for quite a while but we’ve found that sometimes even the most experienced of us forget…

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The Return of The Newsletter


When I first got started with online marketing back in 2008 people would call newsletters ‘e-zines’ (anyone else remembers that?). Which basically meant it was an online magazine, except they weren’t really. Keep in mind this is when people were excited to get an email, which is hardly the case today. Most people I know…

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Content Creators Planner UPDATE, Shipping & Video Walkthrough

Content Planner Update

We’re headed towards the finish line and we’re thrilled! We’ve made a handful of updates to the Content Creators Planner already (in case you’re not on our list, you can see the updates below and I’ve included some screenshots. There’s also a complete video walkthrough at the end of the post). A HUGE Thank You…

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Creating A Physical Planner


  Creating a physical planner seems like it would be an easier process than it was. At least easier than I thought it would be. You would think that print-on-demand for a planner would be a super straight-forward easy process, but that’s not the case. Well, let me correct that. It’s not a straight-forward profitable…

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