NEW Software: Your Own Virtual Office with

Originally created out of a need of their own, Vito Peleg and his team developed an amazing new platform where you can create your own virtual office.

They built this last year when the world was on lockdown and they wanted to host their own virtual event.

Instead of using what everyone else was using, they created their own platform to host the event.

This is where the idea for the virtual office was born.

Here are few things you get with Waahi (and by the way, most people on the call saw multiple uses for the platform as well, from memberships to masterminds, to hosting events!).

  • Team-based office
  • Boardrooms
  • Private offices
  • Internal training
  • Knowledge library (make your own Wiki!)
  • Video library

Watch the replay below & let us know what you think! They have special pricing on the platform right now so if you’re thinking about jumping in, grab a 20% discount for life!

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