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Creativity Published ~ No. 028

Content Marketing Predictions That Will Give You An Advantage in 2021

content predictions

Every time I see an image of a crystal ball I can’t help but think of Madame Leota, the psychic medium whose head appears in the crystal ball in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. ????

I’d love a trip to Disneyland right about now… who am I kidding. I’d love a trip just about anywhere right now.

Welcome to how my brain works.


I’ve been having some fun digging into content marketing predictions and trends for 2021. Predictions differ from trends in that they’re based solely on thoughts and opinions.

Fortunately, my predictions are based on both research and gut feelings (after almost 13 years in business online I feel good about my gut feelings).

When I was doing my research I came across predictions posts that were completely overwhelming (way too many), and some really valuable and helpful posts. Much of this content was geared towards larger companies with content marketing teams.

I took the opposite approach and wrote my 10 predictions for the small business or solo entrepreneur.

Some are obvious and one or two may surprise you.

Happy Creating,
Jodi & Kim

Things worth sharing…

A Year After I started My Side Hustle, It Was Bringing In $10,000 A Month: Here’s What I’ve Learned

The lessons learned from growing this business can be applied to starting any new venture. Knowing your numbers, budget with setbacks, and watch for burnout. Here’s how Paperform grew to a 1M in annual recurring revenue.

email trends

Creativity Has One Tremendous Downside That Is Rarely Spoken About

Tim Denning has quickly become one of my ‘go-to’ authors that I read regularly. Without saying so, he addresses the #EverythingIsContent in the first part of this post. I LOVE the idea of the “do it for the hell of it” approach. “Slow down your creativity to speed up your progress.”

Better Together…

Creativity loves company! Tools that we use and love.


Turn Google docs into a knowledge base! Love this idea because my preference is to keep as much in Google as possible (docs, sheets, slides, etc.).


For all you YouTubers! A YouTube channel management and work assignment tool (if you’re working with a team). Even if it’s just you, it’s a great planning tool.

“Ideas come from curiosity.”

– Walt Disney

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Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal
Also known as “The WordPress Chick,” is an entrepreneur, coach, podcaster, and content creator.

She has built her lifestyle business over the last 10 years using WordPress, content marketing, and through growing her community. She lives by her commitment to #JustShowUP.

Jodi Hersh

Jodi Hersh
Is a “Smartist.” Celebrating 25 years as Orange Star Design — the intersection of creativity, experience and technology.

She helps bring people’s visions to life with strategic branding, websites and marketing solutions. Jodi is also the founder of Live Love Dogs®.