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Creativity Published ~ No. 040

By now you’ve heard us use the phrase (er… hashtag ????), #EverythingIsContent.

When you start looking at content creation (and marketing) as a game, it’s going to be much easier for you to create consistent content…which will naturally lead to better content.

#EverythingIsContent is much more than a hashtag or phrase… it’s truly a framework you can use in your business to create valuable content your audience and customers want from you, all while enjoying the process (and getting better conversions from your creations).

In this week’s post, I share the story behind this phrase, how I spent a very long 3 days digging a hole in the hot sun (sounds like the start of a boring novel, doesn’t it?) and where the lightbulb moment came from.

In addition to creating valuable, quality content…we don’t want you to dread creating content. It’s a heck of a lot easier to stick with something you enjoy doing.

Read “The Framework that Changed Everything” here.

Happy creating!
Kim & Jodi

Things worth sharing…

Is Facebook taking on Medium?
As newsletters continue to grow in popularity, it’s clear to see they’re here to stay as a form of content. Twitter bought Revue and now Facebook is launching a new writing platform. While it’s aimed at journalists, I think it will be another place to test publishing content.
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The first-ever Newsletterfest
Yep, more on newsletters (in our newsletter… see how I did that?). This is the first-ever Newsletterfest, hosted by Curated (another Newsletter platform). A week-long, free event featuring speakers talking about newsletters, how to monetize them, different niches, and so much more.
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Maybe Twitter ads are making a comeback?
I tried running a Twitter ad once… with a whole lot of nothing in terms of results (it was more of a fun little test than an actual strategy). Twitter ads have never gotten the attention that FB & IG ads have (lack of ROI?), but it looks like they’re working on a rebrand and some new options.
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Better Together…

Creativity loves company! Tools to test and try…

  • Backflip
    Backflip is basically a new and much easier-to-navigate Craig’s List for selling electronics (O.K., so not necessarily a tool, but I thought it was worth mentioning). It looks SO much better than Craig’s List (which isn’t hard to do). Before you upgrade your devices, sell your old ones here.
    There certainly isn’t a shortage of options for transcriptions, but the unlimited transcription price on this tool is pretty hard to beat. You can try it for free or spend a whopping five bucks for unlimited transcription.
    I may have to start using this service when I move to Costa Rica (in 7 weeks!)… as I’m not sure how great the mail situation is there. As much as we all love our tech, there’s something about getting a note in the mail that is fun. Direct mail is a great way to stay in touch with your customers! Try for personalized postcards, notes, and letters.

Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.

– Paulo Coehlo

Until next time!

Happy Creating,

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Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal
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Jodi Hersh
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