Essentialism for small business

Essentialism author Greg McKeon says “When there is a lack of clarity, people waste time and energy on the trivial many. When they have sufficient levels of clarity, they are capable of greater breakthroughs and innovations—greater than people even realize they ought to have—in those areas that are truly vital.”

As an individual involved in running multiple businesses while also working with a full client roster, I have learned out of sheer desperation and necessity, how to get focused, simplify down to the essentials, and accomplish more by doing less. When we focus on the essential, instead of making a millimeter of progress in multiple directions we can make tremendous progress towards the things that are vital. The trick is learning to identify those things that are truly essential.

I was recently interviewed by Davinder Singh Kainth on his Smart Web Creators podcast and we discussed the benefits of applying the concept of essentialism to small businesses to help move the needle forward where it matters most.

Hope this inspires you to take some consistent imperfect action!

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