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Creativity Published ~ No. 022

Should You Launch a Newsletter?


It probably feels a little ironic that we’re talking about newsletters in our newsletter, but go along with us for a minute, O.K.?

Not only has publishing this newsletter been fun (and yes, it’s been work too), but it’s also driving results for our business.

Since the first thing in our content framework in the planner is to start with your business goals, we knew that if we wanted to launch a newsletter it had to support our business goals as well.

This has far exceeded our goals and expectations.

We’re excited about where we’re taking this newsletter and the plans we have for it (publication on Medium and a referral program).

If you’ve been thinking about doing a newsletter for your brand and business, we’re here to tell you that NOW is the best time to start.

Happy Creating,
Jodi & Kim

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Better Together…

Creativity loves company! Tools that we use and love.

Pitch: The new face of presentations

With a free plan, tons of templates, and an easy way to collaborate with your team, Pitch is definitely worth taking for a spin for your next presentation.


Who doesn’t love Instagram Stories? (I prefer them over the feed to be honest). Storrito is a desktop app to create and schedule Instagram stories! Use the free plan for 10 stories a month!

Nothing beats content that comes from inspiration.

This week’s podcast episode was inspired because of something that I see over and over again in the online marketing space.

People get excited about possibilities and new projects but either never make it to the finish line and pull the trigger OR… they publish/sell what they’ve created and then it goes back on the shelf.

Finishing what you start goes beyond pushing your creation out into the world.

It’s about what you do once it’s out in the world. Marketing, driving traffic, analyzing what worked, what didn’t work…

Hopefully, this will inspire you to give your creations the time and energy they deserve after you hit publish.

Click the button below to listen to “Finish What You Start & Watch Profits Soar KDS: 058”

– Kim

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Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal
Also known as “The WordPress Chick,” is an entrepreneur, coach, podcaster, and content creator.

She has built her lifestyle business over the last 10 years using WordPress, content marketing, and through growing her community. She lives by her commitment to #JustShowUP.

Jodi Hersh

Jodi Hersh
Is a “Smartist.” Celebrating 25 years as Orange Star Design — the intersection of creativity, experience and technology.

She helps bring people’s visions to life with strategic branding, websites and marketing solutions. Jodi is also the founder of Live Love Dogs®.