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Creativity Published ~ No. 004

Are you committing random acts of content ????

It happens. You’re on a deadline or have a jolt of inspiration, and you click publish and share. And then weeks go by. Sometimes months. And then it happens again.

You might have a million ideas for content but if not directly related to a path that leads to sales, why do it? There are only so many hours in a day a week a month a year, hell, a decade. Don’t you want to spend it where it matters most to you?

It’s important to think about WHY you are creating each piece of content. Without that piece and a schedule, there is no strategy. And without that, you are just implementing tactics and committing random acts of content

If you blindly throw a dart, you could get lucky and hit the board, the bullseye, your partner, or the window… Imagine how many you have to throw for that bullseye to happen.

Now imagine if you aimed.

Things worth reading/watching

Walking as Creative Fuel

The benefits of walking and how it can help you be more creative, think better, live longer, and get more done. Everyone from Beethoven, Goethe, Dickens, Darwin to Steve Jobs took long walks and you should too!

Subject lines that get your emails opened

Check out this recorded webinar from ActiveCampaign’s Director of Content Marketing, Benyamin Elias, and learn how can you write subject lines that consistently get opens.

Better Together…

Creativity loves company! Tools that we use and love

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension 2.0: The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

Have you tried the new Ubersuggest Chrome Extension? It’s a free Chrome extension that shows you the most actionable SEO metrics directly in Google search results, YouTube search results, and in your Amazon search suggested terms.

Caption Writer for Instagram

This simple tool allows you to create beautifully-formatted captions with whitespaces, emojis, and numbered lists. Enjoy!

Are you ready for a creative kick in the keester?

One of the things we hear from fellow creators is that they struggle with coming up with ideas and staying consistent with their publishing schedule. So we put our creative thinking caps on and have come up with what we think will be a fantabulous solution — a monthly subscription service we are calling CreativeKick

If you’d like to create FRESH, NEW, conversion-based content, every month, to grow your email list, increase your sales, and explode your authority (Without wasting time and wondering if it will actually work), this is for you.

Each month we will deliver a creative “kick” and framework to prompt your content creation, followed by micro-content and promotion tips, plus a private support group and live monthly ask-us-anything sessions with both Kim & Jodi. And of course we have some other surprises up our sleeves!  Launching very very VERY soon! 

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Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal
Also known as “The WordPress Chick,” is an entrepreneur, coach, podcaster, and content creator.

She has built her lifestyle business over the last 10 years using WordPress, content marketing, and through growing her community. She lives by her commitment to #JustShowUP.

Jodi Hersh

Jodi Hersh
Is a “Smartist.” Celebrating 25 years as Orange Star Design — the intersection of creativity, experience and technology.

She helps bring people’s visions to life with strategic branding, websites and marketing solutions. Jodi is also the founder of Live Love Dogs®.