Content Creators Planner UPDATE, Shipping & Video Walkthrough

Content Planner Update

We’re headed towards the finish line and we’re thrilled!

We’ve made a handful of updates to the Content Creators Planner already (in case you’re not on our list, you can see the updates below and I’ve included some screenshots. There’s also a complete video walkthrough at the end of the post).

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who has bought via pre-sale. We truly appreciate your patience and support. This has been an exciting adventure, we’re massively proud of the first edition of the planner, and are looking forward to helping you succeed with your Content Marketing by creating a solid strategy that supports your business goals.

Onto the updates!

Printing & Shipping Update:

We have officially held the planner in our hands now. What the what?!?! 

Yea, we’re pretty thrilled. 

We’re getting the final samples from two other printers in the next week and will have that nailed down so we can start shipping this month (yes, we’re on schedule to get the planners into your hands ASAP!).

This is something we’ve been working on for months, which, quite frankly surprised us both considering the specifications for the planner (there’s definitely a podcast and post coming for that whole experience). Fortunately, we’re in the home stretch.

Additions & Changes

For those of you who supported us as an early customer, you should have received an email a week ago with the updates and a link to download the most current version of the planner. If you didn’t, simply respond to this email, I’ll confirm your purchase and make sure you get the latest edition.

For those of you who haven’t purchased yet, here are some of the updates:

  • Larger size: the planner is now 8.5 x 11
  • Additional Content Strategy Map page (this is now a full spread)
  • Additional tracking on the bottom of the weekly spread (you get to customize what you track)

Content Strategy Map Spread

Content Planner Weekly Tracking

NEW Cover! 

Because we changed the binding of the planner we’ve added some color (O.K., Jodi added some color. I swear getting graphics back from her makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning!). We decided to go with a spiral bound planner so it would lay flat and be easier to use (becauseContent Creators Planner of course, we know you’re going to be working in this regularly).

We already have some ideas on additions to the planner (and complementary products), but we’re staying focused and getting this first phase completed and put to bed before we do anything else.

As we’re getting everything finalized for the printing, fulfillment, business, etc., we’re also working on a mini-course for our opt-in on the site. Because that’s going to take a little time, we decided to pull out something pretty awesome from the planner that you can print and use as a guide… the Content Types Checklist!

Of course with a little secret ‘Jodi sauce’, it looks absolutely beautiful (I kind of think we should print this on 11×14 as a poster…).

Click the button below to download now: 

NEW Content!

Naturally creating content is going to be part of our strategy for growing this brand and business.

We have our content strategy mapped out ( which we created using our own planner) and got the first post up on the site this past week.

It’s all about the journey of creating a physical planner (the first physical product for both of us).

We went behind-the-scenes and shared this entire process with you.

Read ‘Creating A Physical Planner’ here

Leave a comment and let us know if this is something you’ve been thinking about trying!

Here’s a video walkthrough of one of the sample planners (we’re not using this printer, but you get a clear idea of the planner itself. The pages, how to use it, all of it!)

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