Social Media Planner


Simplify Your Social Media Planning

We get it, social media can seem overwhelming. It's hard enough to come up with any social media plan, let alone a long-term strategy that cuts through all the noise and actually works.

That's why we built the Content Creators Planner with social media in mind. It's the first step-by-step content marketing tool designed to help you quickly set social media goals, craft an effective content strategy, and optimize your posts for every channel (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and everything else). 

The Content Creators Planner makes it simple to:

  • Brainstorm an effective social media plan (90 days of content!)
  • Map out a comprehensive social media content strategy.
  • Set monthly sales and engagement goals.
  • Plan and write posts (that your readers will actually respond to).
  • Craft monthly promotions and offers that CONVERT.
  • Set measurable marketing and sales goals.
  • Ensure that your content works everywhere (handy checklists make it easy).
  • Identify what's working and capitalize on valuable growth opportunities.

Whether you're a small business owner struggling with Facebook or an experienced blogger with a successful YouTube channel, the Planner will help you strategize, simplify, and create effective social media content that generates traffic, leads and sales.