Printed + Digital Planner bundle

Built by Pros. LOVED by Content Creators

Get the best of both worlds for one special price: 1 Physical + 1 Digital Content Creators Planner

Printed: 104 pages (US Letter size, wire-o binding)

Digital: 104 page PDF (US Letter size) which can be printed or written on using a tablet and stylus with apps such as Notability, GoodNotes, and OneNote.

Not simply a 90-day content calendar, the Planner is the first step-by-step content marketing tool of its kind. Carefully designed by content marketing experts, it is the one place to help you set goals, strategize, systemize, simplify, and quickly write effective content that generates traffic, leads, and sales.

STOP spinning your wheels producing an endless stream of content with nothing to show for it! The Content Creators Planner makes it simple to:

  • Brainstorm an effective content plan.
  • Map out your content strategy.
  • Set smart marketing & sales goals.
  • Plan & write effective content.
  • Create monthly promotions & offers.
  • Quickly create micro-content.
  • Optimize your content for every channel.
    • Web pages
    • Blog posts
    • Social Media
    • Email marketing
    • PPC & paid media
    • Podcasts
    • YouTube
    • Interactive content
    • Offline & etc.
  • Track what's working and create MORE of it.

Purpose-Driven Content That Gets Results

As lifelong marketers and content creators ourselves, we know how hard it can be to create content that actually works.

We've used nearly every framework, outlining tool, and content planner out there, but they were all missing something (or failed to produce results).

The ultimate content planner just didn't seem to exist...So we took the best elements from each tool, added everything we’ve learned (often the hard way), and spent years developing the strategies to build our own.

And it worked! Not only for us, but also for the other content marketers we shared it with. The Content Creators Planner was officially born.

Whether you’re a blogger, YouTuber, social media consultant, or small business owner, the Planner will help you brainstorm, plan, and create a great content strategy that CONVERTS.



  • Quickstart guide - Get started fast!
  • Monthly goals - Plan with a purpose
  • Content strategy map - Create 90 days of great content
  • A PROVEN content plan - Step-by-step guides make it simple
  • Content checklists - Make sure your content works everywhere
  • Offer organizer - Monthly promotions, paid campaigns, and sales funnels
  • Weekly, monthly, & quarterly statistic - Measure your success!
  • Guided review - Identify & capitalize on growth opportunities
Kim Doyal and Jodi Hersh

Quick note from Kim & Jodi:  We’ve used lots of online content planning tools, but they just don’t feel the same as putting pen to paper. If you’re like us, you’ll probably get the most out of the printed Content Creators Planner right here. However, plenty of our fellow content creators prefer tablets, so, due to popular demand, we have also created  fully functional digital and Trello versions of the Planner.

A Must Have!


I love the planner. I bought the digital version yesterday. Once I saw the quality of the planner and the detail I bought a printed one and the MasterClass. Must Have!

- Chantel Turner Gibbons



“This planner is ah-MAZING! Literally, last night I batched three months of marketing campaigns across SEVEN PLATFORMS in just three hours :)”

- April Lewis

Excellent Product!


“I can’t begin to tell you how much this little calendar has helped me get my focus and confidence back. Thank you for creating such an excellent product!

- Erik E.