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Content Creators Planner + Masterclass Bundle

Get the Planner + The Masterclass (and save 25%)!

Not simply a 90-day content calendar, the Planner is the first step-by-step content marketing tool of its kind. Carefully designed by content marketing experts, it is the one place to help you set goals, strategize, systemize, simplify, and quickly write effective content that generates traffic, leads, and sales.

STOP spinning your wheels producing an endless stream of content with nothing to show for it! The Content Creators Planner makes it simple to:

  • Brainstorm an effective content plan.
  • Map out your content strategy.
  • Set smart marketing & sales goals.
  • Plan & write effective content.
  • Create monthly promotions & offers.
  • Quickly create micro-content.
  • Optimize your content for every channel.
    • Web pages
    • Blog posts
    • Social Media
    • Email marketing
    • PPC & paid media
    • Podcasts
    • YouTube
    • Interactive content
    • Offline & etc.
  • Track what's working and create MORE of it.

Learn How The Pros Create Effective Content

The Content Masterclass is a clear, actionable course designed for anyone who is ready to take content marketing seriously.

Learn the basic and advanced content marketing techniques and processes that the pros use to generate traffic, leads, and sales.

Goal setting, branding, core messaging, brainstorming, long-term campaign planning, content strategies, systemization, and detailed social media tips are all covered via helpful slides, video training, hands-on worksheets, and handy checklists.


Masterclass Features

  • The framework that experts use to create effective content on a consistent basis.
  • How to craft effective messaging and build your brand the smart way.
  • How to create content that supports your business and sales goals.
  • Easy-to-follow guidelines for mapping out an effective long-term content strategy.
  • A PROVEN content strategy map that drives traffic and sales.
  • How to pair your content with the perfect call-to-action for optimum results.
  • How to create quarterly, monthly, and weekly content plans that make your life easier.
  • How to quickly turn your content into micro-content & seamlessly optimize it for every channel.
  • How to write content that both humans and search engines will love.
  • How to utilize handy content checklists & worksheets included with the course.
  • How to save valuable time by scheduling your content in advance.
  • How to promote your content online (so people will actually see it).
  • How to identify what's working and measure your content marketing success over time.
Kim Doyal and Jodi Hersh

Quick note from Kim & Jodi: We designed the Content Masterclass for use with the Content Creators Planner, but it's not required (the Planner comes with its own quickstart guide). But they work so well together that we do offer them as a nicely discounted bundle.

A TON of Value


“I want you to know I love your planner and master course. I appreciate that the course provides a TON of value. I’ve been burned so many times I almost never buy the added bonus anymore. Well done. And your success shows how hard-working women can get it done!”

- Jen McFarland

A Must Have!


“I love the planner. I bought the digital version yesterday. Once I saw the quality of the planner and the detail, I bought a printed one and the MasterClass. A must have!

- Chantel Gibbons

Life Changing


The planner and course are life-changing. There is so much noise out there and so many people charging insane amounts for information. I bought this after looking at the ad maybe 15 times on Facebook. I finally feel like I have a direction and some control over my inspiration. I am really glad I bought this. Thank you!”

- Erik E.