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Content Creators Planner for Trello! LIVE Demo and walkthrough


Kim Doyal- Jodi -Hersh

Your Hosts:

Kim Doyal & Jodi Hersh

Co-founders, Content Creators Planner

Live Stream Date:



10:00 AM


What You’re Going to Learn:

  • Why we created  Trello version of the Content Creators Planner (even though we believe in the power of pen and paper for planning)
  • How we went about creating the Trello boards from the paper planner (and where we got stuck in the process)
  • A walkthrough of the 5 Master boards (and why we created 5 boards vs. just one)
  • A walkthrough of our fictitious business, Jasper’s Cupcakes, using ALL 5 boards
  • How you can use the Content Creators Planner for Trello with your team to start increasing content conversions.
  • How to use the physical planner with the Trello boards to maximize productivity

Time left until registration closes:

LIVE demo of the Content Creators Planner for Trello!Register below for the live stream reminder.

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