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The Ultimate Planner for Content that Drives Leads and Sales


Monthly Goals

Your content should support your business goals, not be an afterthought. Set your monthly goals and plan your content with a purpose.


Content Strategy Map

Once you have your goals, map out your content by deciding what will be cornerstone content, what type of content that will be (written, audio, video), and how you’ll repurpose that into micro-content.


Content Checklists

It’s way too easy to miss elements of optimizing your content. We’ve added 8 content checklists for you to make sure your content performs and supports your goals.


Monthly Content Calendar

Use the monthly content calendar to schedule your content campaigns along with all your promotions (paid campaigns, active funnels, and sales goals).


Weekly Content Calendar

From your monthly plan, create your weekly content and marketing calendar. Schedule your content based on the marketing channel, social platform, and content status (outline, draft, publish, edit).


Monthly Statistics

Measure the performance of your content each month to track where your traffic and sales are coming from. We’ve included sales, email marketing, Messenger, and paid promotions as well content referral sources.


Quarterly Statistics

The quarterly statistics allows you to measure your sales and content goals for the quarter, against the previous quarter, to analyze growth opportunities and acknowledge wins.


Monthly Review

It’s important to highlight your accomplishments. We’ve included thought starter questions as well as plenty of space to reflect, doodle, and map out more content for the upcoming month.

Content Creators

About Us

We're the creators of the Content Creators Planner.

Even after being immersed in the online marketing world for many years, we still felt overwhelmed with the amount of pieces that need to fit together to create a content strategy that is manageable and effective. We found ourselves using multiple digital tools, all with some overlapping features, but none that really helped us create the foundation and see everything in one place.

Both being fans of pen, paper, and anything creative, we knew that we needed something physical that we could write in that would help us map out a content strategy with an end conversion goal in mind.

We wanted to create a planner that was specifically tailored to content marketing, social media platforms, getting results, and measuring what worked. This is the planner we wish we had when we started online marketing.

Kim Doyal
Jodi Hersh

Kim Doyal & Jodi Hersh

"Content marketing is the
only marketing left."
Seth Godin

The Content Creators Planner is goingy or in an ad hoc fashion based on opportunities, the Pla to be great for managing distribution. Even if you create your best content spontaneouslnner makes sure you are covering all bases in distribution and follow-up with engagement.

Ross Brand, LiveStreamDeals

Ross Brand