Content Creators Planner for Trello

The Ultimate Content Marketing Tool...
Now Available for Trello!

Content Creators Planner (Trello Version)

5 Trello Planner boards, 5 demo boards, 33 tutorial videos



The classic Content Creators Planner will always be our core product (and near and dear to our hearts), but we’ve had so many people demand a Trello version of the Planner that we were practically forced to create one!

...So, we’re very pleased to announce that the Planner is now available for Trello!

The Trello Content Creators Planner makes it simple to:

  • Brainstorm and build an effective content strategy
  • Map out 90 days of content (for every important channel).
  • Easily share your content plan and collaborate with your entire team.
  • Create compelling monthly promotions and special offers
  • Set marketing and sales goals to track what’s working!

The Trello version of the Planner includes:

5 Easy-to-Use Content Creators Planner boards
(create, collaborate, & track your success step-by-step)

  • Monthly Content Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Strategy Outline
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Weekly Content Calendar
  • Promotions & Offers
  • Goal Setting, Tracking, & Measuring

5 Helpful demo boards
(Pre-filled boards for a sample business to demonstrate how it all works!)

  • Demo - Monthly Content Marketing Campaigns
  • Demo - Content Strategy Outline
  • Demo - Monthly Content Calendar
  • Demo - Weekly Content Calendar
  • Demo - Promotions & Offers
  • Demo - Goal Setting, Tracking, & Measuring

33 tutorial videos
(Detailed video training for getting up to speed fast and referencing later)